Gawler Balaklava Podiatry Foot Care and Diabetes Feet Treatments

Diabetes & Foot Care

Diabetes is a condition that can have whole body effects including in your feet.This is why a team approach to managing your diabetes is essential. A person with diabetes needs to pay particular attention to their feet to help prevent complications such as wounds and possibly amputations.

Having worked in public health for 10 years this is an area our clinic is particularly passionate about.

When you have a diabetes foot screening at our clinic you will be offered:

• A thorough vascular (blood flow) assessment

• A neurological assessment (nerves/feeling)

• General nail and skin assessment and treatment

• Education on prevention of foot and leg complications

• A full report sent to your GP/practice nurse

• You can also be added to our recall system so there is no need for you to remember when your next foot check-up is due

Currently the latest guidelines recommend that every person with diabetes has a full foot assessment at least annually.

For more information on diabetes and caring for your feet please see: